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In order to make the next big step, we understand the need for consumers to have aplace to find real time real estate information, and a safe and honest place for any real estate related transactions. Therefore, The Key Market Group strives to provide our clients this constant in this dynamic Real Estate Market at the highest professional level possible.

The Key Market Brokerage started from an idea of creating a platform where we can offer our clients customizable up-to –date real estate information while working with highly competent and passionate sales associates.

We offer past and recent sold data, current listings, information for buyers, sellers and renters, market updates and customizable features for all your property searching needs. We strive to focus on data availability and transparency in the most customizable way so that our clients have easy access to the information they want, when they want it. Having the right information at the right time with a TKM sales associate working for you is vital to making an informed real estate decision.

We believe that The Key Market website, our sales associates, the support staff and the entire TKM team will offer our clients a unique and exceptional real estate experience, together!

Our Comprehensive Marketing Services for Your Property


High definition photographs to capture all the great features of your property allowing potential buyers to see themselves in it.

Floor Plans

If available, floor plans will be displayed on the listing allowing potential buyers to see all the features of your property.

3D Virtual Tours

This virtually allows potential buyers to see how your property is laid out- starting from when you virtually walk through the door all the way up to all the floors. It gives potential buyers a sense of walking through the property from one to room to the next, down a hallway, and into the next.

Print Media

With all the professionally taken photographs of your property, what better way to showcase them than in a brochure, pamphlet or booklet. The print media will be a combination of photographs, floor plans, local area features, and other information to make your property as desirable as possible.

360� Virtual Tours

A 360� degree view of each room showcasing all the unique features and potentials. Potential buyers will be able to see everything from the location of the light switchesall the way down to the electrical sockets and from the east wall to the west- acomplete 360� view.

Social Media Marketing

TKM's use of social is to help target the right audience for your property. This includes, targeted advertisement campaigns, Instagram posts, Facebook updates and photos on pinterest.

Aerial View

If your property is situated on a large piece of land or certain areas may be missed during a regular photoshoot, then an aerial view of your property is perfect for you. With the help of drone technology, our professional photographers can capture the most scenic images of your property.

TKM Website

Your property will be featured on the front page of our high-traffic website exposing your property to many potential buyers.

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