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Whether you are a first time home buyer, moving to a larger home, downsizing or looking for an investment property, The Key Market team will happily assist you throughout the entire buying process and in many cases, beyond the closing of the purchase. Here are some critical steps that you can expect during this process. In some cases, there may be additional steps you have to take but rest assured that The Key Market agent and The Key Market support staff members are available to guide you through them.

The Key Market team works with clients from all walks of life and can understand the needs and wants of the individuals involved in this process. Generally, there are a few key factors that help shape the requirements of the buyers. They are: location, budget, size, must haves, nice to have and possible trade-offs. Our group can help you with this list and with our expertise, help define your end goal.

The Key Market team works with many professionals related to the world of Real Estate. If you require a Mortgage broker, or just a Mortgage specialist to get some questions answers or if you want to learn about the Government�s programs for first time home buyers, we can refer you to our trusted professionals. Getting a preapproval is imperative to knowing and understanding your budget.

By choosing an agent of The Key Market to represent you in the buying process, you can be sure that a trusted, honest, loyal and diligent Realtor is working for you and your family. The key is not only in the buying process alone, but also in the relationship we will continue to have once the buying process is completed. Our agents and The Key Market support staff will be available to answer your questions even after the completion of the purchase. The time our agents have spent with you and the time you�ve spent with our agents is valuable and we value that immensely.

The agents of The Key Market Inc., Brokerage will help you become an educated buyer so that every decision you are making throughout the entire buying process is an informed one. Our agents will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis which includes: comparables in and within the area of the property you are interested in, review pros and cons of the property, look for anything in the property that may add extra cost, potential renovation upgrades and costs, review market trends and many more. All these variables help paint a clearer picture of the property you are considering to purchase.

With the knowledge that you would have been provided by The Key Market agent, and you have decided to take a step forward, the next stage is making an offer. The Key Market agent will help you through and thoroughly explain the offer process to you. The Key Market agent will present the offer on your behalf and negotiate the best price for you using our results-proven negotiation skills.

Making an offer is not as simple as putting your name on a piece of paper and agreeing on price with the seller, there may be conditions that you may want to put in the offer in order to protect yourself. Conditions you may consider may include (but definitely not limited to: home inspection, financing, status certificates, etc) . The Key Market agent will review and explain all conditions to you and suggest the ones that they feel is in your best interest. Once the offer along with the conditions have been accepted by the seller, The Key Market agent will follow up on the conditions and organize a team of experts (inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc) to guide you through them. If all the conditions are met, then we can proceed to waive them in order to complete the purchase.

In preparation for the closing of your newly purchased property, you will have to have the down payment and closing costs ready. Closing costs can consist of (but not limited to), lawyer fees, costs of movers, truck rental, insurance, etc.

Once you receive the keys to your property, The Key Market agent can assist you for construction advice, city permits, and other professional services referrals. At The Key Market, we understand that a lot of questions can arise during this very exciting yet potentially stressful time, The Key Market agent will be or a member of The Key Market support staff will be present to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We believe that the relationship we have built during this process does not end once you take procession of the property.

We understand this is a big step. Take time and consider all the points above. In the meantime, sign up and become a member of The Key Market Inc. Brokerage to get insider information on properties (sold prices), market analysis and other perks. Become a TKM member today!

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