Seller's Guide

At The Key Market, our agents and The Key Market support staff members can guide and prepare you for this process to make sure you are ready and doing everything possible to sell your property at the best possible price.

What are some of the things you need to consider or prepare for during the selling process of a property? Take a look at the list below.

The Key Market agents are experts in their field. We have proven results with extensive market knowledge and understand the importance of pricing a property strategically for sale. Our agents will represent you professionally with strong negotiation skills, various marketing tools, strong staging strategies and will understands and stand up to your needs.
Along with The Key Market agent, we have The Key Market support staff members strategically put in place who will also be in communication with you for any additional needs you require, and to follow up with you on a constant bases.

Having the right pricing strategy means more exposure for your property, which results in more showings, which ultimately means more profits for you. Our agents will strategically price your home to sell for the most value as efficiently as possible- this mean, your property will not be sitting on the market with zero showings.

At The Key Market, we believe in the power of creating a welcoming, and attractive space when a potential buyer walks through your property. Our agents want to make sure your home shows well, is clean and not cluttered. Therefore, we offer our own in house staging services to provide you with all the accents to complete your space. We also provide construction and renovation services to fix any small issues or (if you wish) renovate your property for a higher profit. This ensures that every property will come with its very own selling strategy in order to complete the sell as efficiently and for the highest profit possible.

Other ways The Key Market agents increase the exposure of your home to potential buyers is through our Marketing channels. The Key Market has marketing strategies in place to maximize the exposure of your property. First and foremost, we pride ourselves in The Key Market website- your property will be displayed on the homepage of our website and will also get its own webpage to display your property in the best light. We are also active on many Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) so that your property will be seen by many potential buyers. Aside from the technology-driven marketing tools, we also have our in house marketing team develop brochures, flyers, booklets, etc to show case your property. Of course, with this exposure, professional photos and videos are a must. We have our in house photography team to take HD photos, drome photos, virtual tours, 3D home tours, videos, to effectively showcase your property.

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The Key Market agent will be showing off your property in the form of an open house. We will create an inviting environment, have information readily available (brochures, flyers, school information), speak to potential buyers, and provide with you with the real time feedback. In some instances, we will also prepare for an agent�s open house to further maximize your property to potential buyers.

Aside from getting you the best price for your property, during the negotiation process, there are a few other factors to consider: conditions (home inspection, financing, etc), closing date, deposit amount, etc. The Key Market agent will negotiate all aspects of the contract for you.

We understand this is a big step. Take time and consider all the points above. In the meantime, sign up and become a member of The Key Market to get insider information on properties (sold prices), market analysis and other perks. Become a TKM member today!

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